Spur Gear AX30672 48DP 87T for SCX10 Honcho Dingo Jeep regain SMOOTH transmission

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Spur Gear AX30672 48DP 87T for SCX10 Honcho Dingo CF100 Jeep

There is no better way to improve a noisy drive train than a fresh spur gear. This is very easy to change over on your truck with just one bold and three screws. You may also want to look at the 80t Option as Fitted to the AX10 RidgeCrest and Wraith models.

Remember - Adding teeth to the Pinion or Subtracting teeth from the spur gear will gear up your RC making it go further for each motor revolution. When geared up the motor will get hotter and runtimes will be reduced. The reverse it also true, taking teeth off the pinion or adding to the spur gear will gear down your RC making travel a shorter distance for each motor revolution. When gearing down the motor will run cooler and runtimes will be increased.

The aluminium Pinion Gears do a tend to wear the teeth on the spur as does the attracted grit - you may also want to look at the Spur Gear Cover for the SCX10 by Axial, to help protect from further wear and tear, see my.

Why not also check out my range of Motors and have a complete set-up change.

Adding this to the Axial Wraith will slow it down offering more torque and longer runtimes, perfect for the crawler.

This fits all SCX10 kits: Honcho; Dingo, Jeep and CF100 Kustom.

Spec 48DP and 87 Teeth.

Diameter 47mm

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