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Wheel Weights & Star Cut Foam SET for 1.9 Wheels SCX10 Reduce Centre of Gravety

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Rock Crawler Wheel Weights for 1.9 Wheels & Star Cut Foam Insets eg Axial Trail Honcho SCX10 - the best Hop-up for Your Money.

These pair of weights allow you to weigh Two (2) of your wheels to a Maximum of 95g (3.35oz)* EACH

-  No Additional Parts Needed  -  Simple To Install  -  Temporally Fitting to Allow Testing First  -  Steele NOT Lead  -

These have been designed to fit a large range of wheels and tyres. There are self adhesive backed and supplied with tape so a temporary 'test' fitment can be done. Adding weight to your Rock Crawler significantly increases grip over all terrains and help reduce the all important centre of gravity. This is a simple modification that only requires the wheels and tyres to be removed and refitted - it can be made permanent by sicking the weight using the fitted self adhesive backing. All weights are supplied with fitting instructions.

STAR CUT Foam Tyre Incerts (2) for 1.9 Rock Crawler Wheels e.g. Axial Trail Honcho

These are a replacement foam - to improve the performace of your Rock Crawler. (Also available as a set of four, see our Other Foams - if you would like individual items please get in touch.)

'Star' Cut foam has many advantages over standard foam inserts: it allows the tyre to absorb the obstacles helping maintain a level chassis; it allows the tyre to flex more, creating a bigger tyre contact patch, resulting in more traction. These are open cell foam and not memory foam so it will return to its shape faster giving a flat tyre contact pactch more of the time. If you require the tyre to deform and reform slower simply cover one of the two holes drilled in the wheel.

(Supplied in 12 star unless 18is asked for - 12 will make the tyre deform more so better used in those tyres that are stiffer.)

Weights can also be ordered in the following weights 50g, 75g, 105g, 130g, 140g, 165g.

We can supply to fit 1.9 wheels as well in 45g, 75g, 95g, 125g, 125g, 165g - please mail and I will create a listing.

For one off sized rings please get in touch e.g. Traxxis Summit wheels. All we need is inside radius & width of wheel.


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*If only the inner ring of weight where used a weight of 45g would be achieved. Foam Dimentions are 100mm diameter, 38mm thick & a 55mm centre cut-out.


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