STAR CUT Foams Tyre Inserts 4 for 2.2 RC Wheels eg AX10 old & Wraith

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STAR CUT Foam Tyre Incerts (4)for 2.2 Rock Crawler Wheels e.g. CR-01

These are a replacement foam - to improve the performace of your Rock Crawler. (Also available as a set of two,see our Other Foams- if you would like individual items please get in touch.)

'Star' Cut foam has many advantages over standard foam inserts: it allows the tyre to absorb the obstacles helping maintain a level chassis; it allows the tyre to flex more, creating a bigger tyre contact patch, resulting in more traction. These are open cell foam and not memory foam soit will return to its shape faster giving a flat tyre contact pactch more of the time. If you require the tyre to deform and reform slower simply cover one of the two holes drilled in the wheel.

(Supplied in 18 star unless 12 is asked for - 12 will make the tyre deform more so better used in those tyres that are stiffer.)

Some examples of option From Replacement Foam Tyre Inserts for Rock Crawler 2.2"

The dimensions are 115mm diameter 50mm thick and a 55mm centre cut-out. For other sizes please get in touch.

- more info on request.
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