Axial SCX10 Steel PINION gears 14t 48P AX30569 XR10 AX10 Wraith Small Motor Gear

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Axial Pinion Gears 13T, 14T, or 15T

These are uprated steel gears for all Axial vehicles - SCX10, AX10, Scorpion, Honcho, Dingo, CF100, XR10 and the Wraith.

Remember - Adding teeth to the Pinion or Subtracting teeth from the spur gear will gear up your RC making it go further for each motor revolution. When geared up the motor will get hotter and runtimes will be reduced. The reverse it also true, taking teeth off the pinion or adding to the spur gear will gear down your RC making travel a shorter distance for each motor revolution. When gearing down the motor will run cooler and runtimes will be increased.

  1. Steel 48P Pinions.
  2. Fits 3.15mm (0.125") Standard 540 Motor shafts.
  3. Compatible with XR10, AX10, SCX10, and all other RC's using 48 pitch gears.
  4. Includes two extra, 1.5mm, set screws.

No modificatoin is needed to use and fit this. Simply loosen the two motor mount screws, loosen the pinion grub scre and remove pinion, replace with the new pinon, re-set the gear mesh and your good to go. The process is simple to carry out and if you need advice please get in touch, (we can combine postage when buying multiple items.

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