GT85 Lubricant Penetrator Water Displacer PTFE Bikes Cars RC better than WD40

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This is the best a easiest way to keep you RC's clean. SImply dust off your RC spray with GT85 and wipe clean, or even better use an air line. It will leave a protective coating on all surfaces making cleaning easier and also help protect moving parts and electronics from corrosion.

You can see below that its uses are endless - your WD40 will never be used again. Remember this is also a 400ml can with nozzel and straw for detail application! Watch for a 'How-to' Video.

Non-sticky Lubrication, Effective Penetrator, Water Displacer, Rustproofer, With PTFE

Soon after the launch of GT-85, supplies were being snapped up by MOD workshops.

The aircraft and helicopter industry was soon to follow as word rapidly spread about the new cleaning and lubricant spray, with outstanding properties, which could benefit all types of machinery or equipment without leaving a sticky residue.

It was not long before the car, motor racing and cycling fraternities latched on to the usefulness of this new product which cleaned, protected and lubricated.

Gt85 is now the spray of choice for professional and amateurs alike, at home and overseas.

GT-85 has received a Department of Trade and Industry award for export achievement.

Major users include:- Virgin Airlines, BT, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Plessey, Ministry of Defence, Sunseeker International.

The list above represent a small selection of major companies who recognise that GT85 is an outstanding product.

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