Carisma GT14 R14 Pro Option Front C-Hub Set 8 10 degrees Caster

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Carisma GT14 & R14 Pro Option Front C-Hub Set 8?10?Caster CA14384

This is the RRO Option C-Hub Set for GT14 and R14 range of Carisma Cars.

If you need advice please get in touch, (we can combine postage when buying mutiple items & if brought along with a new GT14 or R14 we will fit for FREE.)

This set includes two C-Hubs 8?, 10? Caster. This allows you to adjust the caster of the front wheels and dial in your steering and suspension. You may want to consider fitting the steering ball bearings while you are making this modification. Each set is clearly marked with degree and also L and R for easy identification and fitting.

Caster describes the angle between the king pin and the vertical. It actually leans the tyre in the direction of the turn. More caster will lean the tire more in the direction of the turn. This, along with camber effects the tyres contact patch. Too much or too little lean will minimise or maximise the contact patch. However, in general, more caster will yield a smoother turing car, with less initial turn-in. Less caster will give your car a sharper turn in.

These items will also fit Eracers, Sportwerks Recoil and Tailwhip.

If you need any further help please get in touch. We have many other Carisma Parts for M14, GT14, R14 F14 etc.

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