Axial AX80039A 1/10th Scale Front Plate Bumper Set RC Hardware & Mounting

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Additional Information -

AX80039A 1/10th Scale Front Plate Bumper Set

Designed to easily fit onto your SCX10 chassis. Giving the ultimate scale look. You may also want to consider a rear bumper also.

Our kit includes -

  • Chassis mount - simply remove the two screws on your truck, swop out the parts and refit using these screws.
  • LED mountings - each bumper has montings for two (2) 5mm LED's in the bumper, (there are even spare mountings, you will need some AXA013 screws for simple mounting.)
  • LED Spot lights with Stone Guards - each set comes with a set of spots with three (3) choices of stone protection, (Axial PIAA or plain). (These easily mount to the bumper using two (2) AXA435 screws.)
  • Mounting grub screws - includes two sets of mountings to mount the bumper to the chassis plate.
  • Lashing points - there are two point to lash to when pulling your truck out of the mud.

This bumper can be adjusted using the mounting holes so its position can be extended. This is the bumper that is fitted to the Dingo TR and can be mounted to any SCX10 kit either Honcho or CF100 Kustom body kits, see below.

Thanks for looking if you need any help or advice please get in touch. You may also want to look at our other products, front bumpers, rock sliders etc. see our My Shop's logo

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