Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252

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  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
  • Hobbywing Xerun Axe 5401800Kv FOC Senso Brushless V1.1 Combo HW38020252
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Intelligent Torque Output and Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control!

The ESC will automatically increase torque to help vehicle overcome the resistance when going up, reduce the torque to help vehicle stabilize and control the speed when going downhill (and prevent vehicle from turning over when going downhill too fast). With the intelligent torque output, driving can become simple and easy.

The XeRun AXE motor with 1800KV is hardware specifically adapted to the XeRun AXE FOC speed controller and can only be used with it.
The motor is built with the Hobbywing patented "Staggered Pole" rotor design and the 4-pole motor has extremely low cogging efffect and super small torque ripple. Super soft response and start-up behavior at low speeds is the result.
The motor and controller are connected via a waterproof, special sensor plug.


Type:Brushless FOC
Current cont./peak:60A/360A
Input Voltage:2S-3S LiPo, 6S-9S NiMH
Motor Limits:Only XeRun-AXE serie of motors
BEC:6V/7.4V, 4A
Programmable:Bluetooth and APP "HW LINK"
Application:1/10 Rock Crawler


Type:Brushless FOC
KV Rating:1800KV
LiPo cells:2S-3S
No Load Current:1.2A
Outer Diameter:36.0mm
Shaft Diameter:3.17mm
Shaft Length:15.5mm
Application:1/10 Rock Crawler

FOC (Field-oriented Control) for Super Linearity High Torque Extreme Slience

New sensor technology has changed the feel, performance, and overall tune-ability of the new Axe ESC and Motor in ways some have never experienced. Field-oriented Control is the name of this new tech, and is something all new to the scale trail, rock racing, and rc world in-general. This new style of sensor allows extremely accurate control and sensing of the motor while maintaining extreme performance and reliability. The motor and ESC are able to match the RPM of the motor to your throttle position under all driving conditions. This greatly improves down hill driving giving this system the ability to drive down hill under complete control. FOC technology also makes the whole system extremly silent, the motor doesn't create the annoying PWM noise when it is running.

Intelligent Torque Output Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control

Not just a new ESC and motor, the new FOC sensors, combined with Intelligent Torque output and closed loop speed control mean the ESC and motor will maintain the motor's Torque level and RPM as the vehicles conditions change. Uphill, down hill, under load, you name it, your Axe system will do what you're telling it to do.

Battery Reverse Polarity Protection

RCHobbywing's AXE FOC Crawler system has been designed with a very unique feature protecting your ESC from damage caused by Battery Reverse Polarity, so no matter how many times you reverse the battery connections the AXE ESC and the paired motor are safe from damage. Maybe this feature is the first in R/C Car industry.

Applicable to All Weather Track Conditions

Waterproof has been taken to a new level with the Axe System. Completely sealed ESC design with robust heatsink case design ensure the ESC is ready for anything you throw at it. The motor as well, is sealed, and combines a completely new sensor harness. No messy extra steps to make your system water proof. (Note: please dismantle and clean the motor and put some lubricant onto the bearings after using it in some harsh conditions.)

High Driving Efficiency for Long Battery Life

Extremely efficient design comes from the combination of new methods. The FOC sensors provided significant improvements to overall motor performance when compared to standard brushless setups. Runtime is increased dramatically while
maintaining exceptional levels of power and response.

Professional Drag Brake Adjustments Super Parking Capacity

Drag brake rate, and drag brake tuning allows scalers to adjust not only the hill/hold/drag brake, but how quickly the brake applies. This allows high speed driving with out sudden jerks or stops when releasing the throttle. The drag brake itself is super charged, and able to be run at extremely high levels. Compared to a standard crawling brushless setup, the drag brake in the Axe System can be rated at %200 in comparison.

Built-in Bluetooth for Connecting the Mobile APP Directly

Built in Bluetooth connectivity means exactly that. The ESC has Blue Tooth built right in! Nothing extra is needed to access the ESC's complete on board programming but your smart phone device and the Free Hobbywing App from your App Store. That's right folks, the Bluetooth feature is BUILT INTO the ESC. No extra devices, wires or connections required!

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch

The dust, dirt, and waterproof switch housing ensures a long reliable life for your ESC, will not suffer from the problems most standard on/off switches encounter.

Multiple Programmable Items

With enough settings to keep your vehicle running “just right”, there are also timing/boost settings, just in case it's not fast enough, this feature allows you to unleash some extra top speed from your Axe System. Sometimes the trails are long and winding, so more wheel speed is welcome!

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