Carisma M14 Ball Bearing Set, Less drag = LONGER RUN Drive train bearings smooth

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 Ball Bearing set to fit Carisma M14

This is a set of 6 bearings needed to reduce the drag through the drive line. By adding these to your M14 you will help increase your runtimes. (If the Ball Differential was also added this would really improve performance.)

No modificatoin is needed to use and fit this. The process is simple to carry out with removing the rear wheels, pod and motor casing. A pin on the driveshaft has to be removed, bearings installed and car reassembled. It is worth thinking about either the 'Racing Motor' set or the 'Ball Differential' while you have your car apart, (we can combine postage when buying mutiple items & if brought along with a new M14 we will fit for FREE.)

We can also supply you with a 'link' to our videos showing fitting these items - see below

If you need any further help please get in touch. We have many other Carisma Parts for M14, GT14, R14 F14 etc.

*All items fitted are in place of stock parts - the car is then supplied with only the replacement parts.

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